Oh, how rude!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Melissa. I’m a 34 year old mother of one – a beautiful baby girl named Aisha who will be two in June. She’s the love of my life. Don’t worry. My husband knows he could never be my numero uno. Not since she came into our lives. She’s kind of everything.

So that takes care of the lovey-dovey “Mommy” part of the blog name. Uh… but what about that other part? You know – the part that strikes stigmatized fear into the eyes of pretty much every “normal” person out there. Mentally ill. *shudders* Ooh! Say it again! Mentally ill. What does that mean exactly? Do I put the “chic” in “psychotic”? The ” – ” in “cray-cray”?

Well, kind of. Yeah. That’s the part that makes me fun. The other part is the MDD – Major Depressive Disorder. Not nearly as fun, that. Oh, and severe social anxiety. Plus a whole slew of other major health problems that make me a veritable cocktail of pain and anguish.

I’m going to try to steer away from that path, however, because it isn’t really all that interesting unless you’re one of those emo people (not to be confused with emu people, the prospects of which are terrifying) who gets off on other people’s pain. If you are, you’re going to be very disappointed. I’m a pain-tease. Probably. If I do address the topics, I’ll do my level best to make them as light and fun as possible.

I imagine there will be a lot said here that you will be able to relate to. There will also be some things to make you laugh (assuming I‘m as funny as I think I am). But then there’s that other stuff… the stuff that you won’t like at all and won’t be able to relate to. Maybe you don’t like my “former sailor turned truck driver” language, fuck you very much. Maybe you don’t like that I make up words and bend grammar to fitastitize my will. Maybe there’s some content that makes you want to call Child Protective Services. The duct tape wasn’t on for that long, I swear!!! Wait… what?

If you come across any of the latter, please do us all a favor and just don’t. Nobody wants to be that person who tells a page creator how to write their content or why they are offended by it. We both know I don’t care and I’m not going to change it. In fact, I’m really a 12 year old boy so I’ll probably write a whole post with nothing but what you’re offended by while chanting “nyah-nyah” and sticking my proverbial (actual) tongue out at you because that’s the maturity level I’ve summoned for your opinion.

I hope my posts are a lot more of the first two things though. I mean, why are we even here if not for entertainment? I am quite sure you didn’t visit the Mentally Ill in Mommyville blog for actual, serious, real-deal parenting advice. Right? Dear gawd, I hope not! Abandon hope all ye who enter here! Abort mission! Abort mission!!!

Sorry. What was I saying? Oh, right. This is my blog. Like it or incur my wrath! Er… I mean… Enjoy! xoxo


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