I may be taking a small break from blogging.

Unfortunately, the mentally ill part of this blog is very real and I’ve been going through a serious depression. I can tell it’s serious because most of my thoughts center around wondering if various family, friends… hell, even the two or three of you that actually read this blog – wondering if it would make any impact on anyone if I was gone. If the answer is not “Of course it would!” then I know I’ve gone to the dark place.

I’m not telling you this to make you as depressed as I am. I just promised you a good time, and with my mind in it’s current state, I’m not sure I can deliver.

I will be back as soon as the storm passes. And it will. It always does if I just hang on long enough.



2 thoughts on “Pause

  1. Instead of taking a break, what if you just wrote microblogs. Think Twitter like lengths. The problem with the break is that it is very easy to let it go longer than it really should and then have a hard time coming back into it. Just doing short bursts can really help.

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